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Silver Lake’s Tenants of the Trees Adds Ongoing Pop-Up Called FOOOD

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The cool-crowd bar and lounge is now doing weekend eats

Tenants of the Trees, Silver Lake
Tenants of the Trees, Silver Lake
Wonho Frank Lee

Look closely at Tenants of the Trees on Hyperion the next time you’re driving by, and you might spot some folks wandering around in the back with plates of food. For weeks now, a quiet pop-up titled FOOOD (yep, three O’s, as in the dual Tenants concept Out of Order) has been taking over the open patio space behind Tenants, with (most recently) chef Luke Reyes turning out a variety of plates.

Officially launching this weekend, FOOOD will begin running an afternoon menu mostly consisting of fried chicken and biscuits under Reyes' direction. Two-piece meals are $10 and come with sides, while biscuit sandwiches cost the same and involve Old Bay mayo. There's going to be lots to drink and DJ sets as well, of course, making this a true backyard bacchanal.

Chef Luke Reyes has been on board the FOOOD concept for the past few weeks, but won't be the only chef to ultimately pass through. The plan is for FOOOD to be a rotating collection of chefs, each one doing their own thing (and working their own menus) under the larger FOOOD umbrella.

For now, expect Reyes to be running things. It's another surprising move for the former Butchers & Barbers chef, who has simultaneously been doing Oh Man Ramen pop-ups around town, in service of his upcoming Encino ramen shop collaboration with Phillip Frankland Lee.

FOOOD at Tenants of the Trees runs weekends beginning this Saturday, with cooking from 2 p.m. onward. The full menu is below.

Tenant of the Trees

2810 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 284-8631 Visit Website

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