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Adam Perry Lang Confirms Upcoming Barbecue Restaurant in Hollywood

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Expect those massive beef short ribs, and more

The Jimmy Kimmel Backlot Barbecue pop-up
The Jimmy Kimmel Backlot Barbecue pop-up

For the past couple of years, barbecue hall of famer Adam Perry Lang has been popping up behind the Jimmy Kimmel Show in the heart of Hollywood for a few weeks every summer, making his own charcoal while sleeping in a trailer on the actual lot itself. It’s all in service of these massive dinosaur-sized bone-on beef short ribs that have become something of a legend around town, particularly for their scarcity. But soon enough, you’ll be able to get them any time you want.

Lang has long been rumored to be opening up a full-fledged barbecue restaurant around Los Angeles at some point, though the timing and the precise location have remained unclear. Lang wouldn’t even go much on record as to saying anything about the place, but in a footnote to a piece he helped author over on Vice’s Munchies recently, he admits to opening up his first place sometime next year.

Per the report Lang will land in Hollywood, which is an easy fit considering the brand recognition he’s found in that neighborhood with his annual Serious Barbecue pop-up series. It should also allow him to attract the largest number of locals and tourists alike, which will make his proposed new place very busy, indeed.

Though there will be a strong barbecue component, guests should also expect a steakhouse side, with Lang working live fire to make what could become some of the city's best cuts of meat. Really though, an Adam Perry Lang barbecue restaurant landing anywhere in Los Angeles is a very big deal. Not only is he one of the masters of the craft currently working, but his arrival should help bring up LA’s smoked meat culture by at least a level or two. Of course, there are a few other things that could help in that regard as well.

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