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New Osteria, Crawfish, and Pho in This Month's San Gabriel Valley Update

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Pho 79 lovers have mostly embraced Saigon Eden in Alhambra

And now, a semi-regular update from San Gabriel Valley's vibrant restaurant scene:

1) Monterey Park: Ravello Osteria, Bollini's Pizza's replacement, has officially opened. The beer and wine license is still pending, however, chef Christiano Bollini is back in the kitchen. The menu still focuses heavily on pizzas, with a few salads, pastas and meat dishes tossed in. The chef is still mum on the restaurant rename. 2315 S Garfield Ave

King Red Crawfish, Monterey Park

2) Monterey Park : Pho Next Generation couldn't quite make into the next year. King Red Crawfish has taken over, and it is actively advertising to the locals with pluggers and mailers. 230 N Garfield

3) Alhambra: Saigon Eden has taken over the defunct Pho 79. This is Saigon Eden's second outlet. The initial Yelp feedback seems all very positive 79 S. Garfield

Arandidos, Monterey Park

4) Monterey Park: With the Kembo Foods trailer still out of commision after the big crash, Arandinos Tacos El Patron has staked the parking spot. The special here seems to be the crispy mulitas filled with extra charred al pastor, and this is the second food truck in the SGV for Arandinos. 330 N Atlantic Blvd

broth, walnut

5) Walnut: San Gabriel Valley now has its very own bone broth specialist, except it's even more extreme. Broth — yes, that's really the name — sells dehydrated chicken essence made from organic chicken stock. The target audience seems to be children and pregnant women. There is also lunch service of actual food such as stewed pork rice bowls, tacos, and of course, chicken mushroom soup. 20265 Valley Blvd #Ste S

Tomo Sushi, Monterey Park

6) Monterey Park: Tomo Sushi has opened in place of an old doughnut shop that also served Thai food. It seems the specialties are colorful rolls named after various LA cities: Burbank, Glendale, etc. Tomo Sushi's original Burbank location closed in September 2015. 2300 S Garfield #A