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Secret New Food Menu at Normandie Club, Silver Lake's Sudden Shutter, and More

Plus Highland Park's newest cool restaurant space, and more A.M. intel

Esdras Ochoa's interesting path to making tacos

The LA Times sits down with Esdras Ochoa of Salazar to discuss his rather circuitous path to cooking tacos. The longtime Mexicali lead now runs one of the city's most popular new restaurants, and has a side taco project called Califas to boot — but for years there was a different, higher calling in his life.

Could the highland Park Masonic Temple be the neighborhood's next party spot?

Looks like movement for the Masonic Temple off Figueroa in Highland Park. According to The Eastsider, ownership there wants to flip some of the upstairs space into a bar and restaurant concept, though they're adamant that it won't be an all-out club. Parking could be an issue though — not to mention the noise.

The Normandie Club’s secret new eats

Did you know that you can now order food at The Normandie Club in Koreatown? That’s right. It’s on the sly still, but there’s now a secret menu coming from the next door burger favorite Cassell’s, where guests can order via the bar’s website and someone from next door will bring food right to your bar stool. How awesome is that?

Cowboys and Turbans closed by health department

Looks like a temporary shutter for Cowboys & Turbans in Silver Lake, as the prime Indian/Mexican mashup restaurant now sports a notice from the county health department.

Downtown’s best new cheap ramen

It’s $7 ramen time at Nest at WP24, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant overlooking Staples Center. The first of a series of ongoing ramen pop-ups at the high-end restaurant will launch on Thursday, June 30 and feature customizable options that start at just $7 a pop, including a Hokkaido-style miso ramen.

Chef Steve Brown’s next move

If you’ve been wondering what’s next for Steve Brown, the chef of the seriously short-tenured Gardner Junction in Hollywood, wonder no more. Brown is launching a new seven-course pop-up series called Cosecha around greater Southern California, including upcoming meals at Osteria Mamma, Claudine Kitchen & Bakeshop in Encino, and the Hedley & Bennett factory in Vernon. In the meantime, he’s also launching a restaurant down in Imperial Beach - so yes, the man is keeping busy.

How Sotto does ragu

Playboy stops off at Sotto to discuss chef/owner Steve Samson's chicken liver ragu, a hearty, funky dish that's among the fan favorites on the casual Italian menu.

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