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Wine Shop Owner Tragically Dies One Day After Grand Opening

The Atwater Village shop had taken over the former 55 Degrees

Tasting Room at Oeno Vino, Awater Village
Tasting Room at Oeno Vino, Awater Village

John Wolfenden had just celebrated a grand opening for his Atwater Village wine shop Oeno Vino last Wednesday, but was found dead one day later, reports The Eastsider. When his wife Suzanne found him the next day, he appeared to have suffered a heart attack, affording to Go Fund Me set up as a memorial.

The tragic death comes just after Oeno Vino had taken over a small retail slot and tasting room that was once 55 Degrees. Wolfenden leaves behind two daughters and a brand new business, which has been taken over by employees and wine broker Casey O'Brien. This coming Friday, Oeno Vino is holding tastings and tours to help promote the opening.

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