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Otium Celebrates the Artisans Who Made One of LA's Most Beautiful Restaurants Possible

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Timothy Hollingsworth has wonderful things to say about the people who brought his restaurant to life

There are many hands that go into the creation of any restaurant, from the chefs, runners, bussers, and prep team to the people who literally make the chairs, tables, walls, and light fixtures that provide the total dining experience. It's in service of those craftsmen that Life & Thyme presents the final chapter in their long-running series on Otium, Timothy Hollingsworth's gorgeous Downtown restaurant set next to The Broad in Bunker Hill.

As the video shows, there are names and faces behind each plate, each stool, each bit of metal used to frame the bar. And so while, yes, there are some lovely shots of Hollingsworth pulling roasts from the fire and making salads, the video is really an ode to all those folks at once, as Otium crests over the six-month mark and begins to head towards its one year anniversary this fall.


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