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Bruce Kalman Launches Cannoli-Flavored Ice Cream With Coolhaus

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The limited menu item will run in Coolhaus stores and at Knead & Co. at Grand Central Market

Coolhaus in Culver City
Coolhaus in Culver City

Looks like Bruce Kalman and Marie Petulla of Knead & Co. Pasta Bar are taking to their new Culver City neighborhood nicely. The pair have already made friends with their Coolhaus neighbors from just down the street, launching a brand new ice cream sandwich called The Freddo, which will debut this weekend.

The simple sandwich is a sort of ice cream take on the cannoli, that rolled Italian desert Kalman grew up loving in New Jersey. The sandwich will actually have some of Knead & Co.’s own cannoli shells inside, plus chocolate flecks and a bit of orange zest as a finisher. The ice cream, like all Coolhaus sandwich creations, will be delivered between two cookies.

For now, the plan is to roll out the sandwich at both the Culver City and Pasadena locations, beginning July 4. Kalman and Petulla will also have some for sale starting this weekend at their Grand Central Market location of Knead & Co., should you wish to try one for just $5 yourself.

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