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Wolfgang Puck to Be Immortalized Next Year With Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

A well-deserved local honor for the iconic chef

Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck
David Becker/Getty Images

Los Angeles's own Wolfgang Puck is set to receive just about the highest honors one can get in Hollywood, as the iconic chef will be receiving a star on the Walk of Fame next year.

The full slate of 2017 recipients was just announced yesterday by the official Walk of Fame Committee (they’re a part of the larger Hollywood Chamber of Commerce), and will also include names like Goldie Hawn, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Hugh Laurie, and Hall & Oates.

Puck says he’s "thrilled to have been selected" and calls the star an "iconic landmark" in the city of Los Angeles, and Hollywood in particular. Of course, this isn’t the first time a chef-turned-TV-personality has been immortalized on the Walk of Fame; just last year, Bobby Flay was given his own star treatment. Things were going well at Flay's sunny ceremony back in 2015, until someone decided to fly a less-than-appealing banner over the crowd while Flay was speaking.

Of course, Puck isn't being explicitly rewarded for his restaurant service only (This is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, after all) but rather his television work as a celebrity chef. Still, his importance to the greater Los Angeles dining scene cannot be overstated, as Puck is among the first true celebrity chefs to break through to the mainstream both on television and with his restaurants like Spago and CUT. Both remain Beverly Hills dining icons, and continue after all these years to push the city's culinary envelope forward.

There’s no official word on when the star will be unveiled or where exactly it will be — apparently there’s a lot of jockeying for position, so the Chamber of Commerce still has some delicate details to work out.

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