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Bäcoshop Is Josef Centeno’s New Culver City Bäco Mercat Expansion

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Heading into the short-lived Chop Daddy's space

The former Chop Daddy's, Culver City
The former Chop Daddy's, Culver City
Wonho Frank Lee

To hear chef Josef Centeno tell it, Bäco Mercat — his first true Downtown solo venture, before Bar Ama, Orsa & Winston, and Ledlow — quickly evolved from its original premise as a simple sandwich shop. That’s a good thing, but it’s always left Centeno with a desire to bring the original concept back to its roots. Enter Bäcoshop, a forthcoming takeaway option heading for the heart of Culver City.

Centeno’s plan is to take control of the former Chop Daddy's space right in the middle of downtown Culver City, across the wide boulevard from the likes of Sāmbār. There, he’ll be serving the same (and possibly more) varieties of his popular bäco flatbread sandwiches, optimized for ease of eating and carrying on to parts unknown. There will also be a bäcoritto (a type of burrito), plus a few assorted side items to fulfill any meal.

With office workers and Sony execs nearby, the idea already seems like a slam dunk — especially when you consider how popular those same sandwiches already are in Downtown LA. However, Centeno will have use of the entire restaurant, which means guests will be able to sit inside if they want, where more bäco sandwiches will be available, along with beer and wine.

Right now, Bäcoshop isn’t anywhere close to fruition, so expect something by the end of the year at the earliest. Still, it’s a big get for downtown Culver to not only land the likes of Centeno, but for the entire Westside to be able to get an easy taste of Bäco Mercat, stripped down and packed in a fun new way.

9552 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA

Bäco Mercat

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