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Westside Favorite Pono Burger Kicks Things Off in Venice Today

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The Santa Monica-based burger outlet lands in a well-known former restaurant on Rose Avenue

Pono Burger, Venice
Pono Burger, Venice
Pono Burger

It looks like Pono Burger in Venice has come to life, as evidenced by the company’s own banner announcement on their website. The Rose Avenue address takes over the former Hostaria del Piccolo, a once-beloved option for casual Italian dining.

News of the Venice expansion first arrived last summer when an ABC license for the space cropped up under the Pono Burger name, meaning this new location offers an alcohol license for everyone’s walkable neighborhood craft beer and burger needs. The space is much larger than the quonset hut original on Broadway in Santa Monica too, so there’s room to relax with friends.

Of course, Pono Burger isn’t done expanding. They’ve got big plans to jump into the West Hollywood market down the line, though that indoor-outdoor space on the Sunset Strip is still under construction. Once it’s finished later this summer, Pono Burger owner Makani Carzino will have a trio of casual restaurants under her belt in the matter of just a few short years.

As of now, the Studio Mai-designed restaurant will run daily hours starting at 11 a.m. and running until 10 p.m. on weeknights, and midnight on Friday and Saturday. There’s even free 90 minute parking in the garage between Rose and Sunset Avenue. Pono Burger should become a great new addition to that stretch of Rose Avenue, which otherwise plays home to vegan outlet Cafe Gratitude and the quirky Moon Juice across the street.

Pono Burger Venice
512 Rose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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