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Bernie Sanders Checks Out Disco Brunch Ahead of Tomorrow's Democratic Primary

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Did you run into Senator Sanders this past weekend?

Hamburger Mary's
Hamburger Mary's

Two days prior to the California Democratic primary, man of the people, Bernie Sanders wandered the streets of Los Angeles shaking supporters hands and meeting new people, according to ABC News. The "Sanders Stroll" has become his modus operandi, creating a buzz days before voting and reminding people to hit the polls.

This past Sunday, he popped into Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood, where "drag brunch" is a main attraction and asked guests to get out there for the primary on Tuesday. Afterwards, he crossed the street to Beach Nation, where he gave a quick hello to patrons before heading over to the Santa Monica pier.

The visit ended with Sanders stopping by a fundraiser on the pier, followed by a ride on the merry-go-round with his grandson and family.

Hamburger Mary's

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