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Critics Are Calling The Bellwether an Ultimate Neighborhood Gem

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The Studio City restaurant joins the three-star club

The Bellwether
The Bellwether
Wonho Frank Lee

This week, LA Weekly's Garret Snyder tucks into a review of The Bellwether, chef Ted Hopson and beverage director Ann-Marie Verdi's Studio City highlight. Per the exploration, the former Father's Office chef Hopson "weave[s] solid and inventive cooking techniques into even the most commonplace dishes," like the bistro's three-day french fries and exceptional chicken:

I was captivated by Hopson's colorful play on Waldorf salad: A mound of the crunchy-creamy picnic staple was hidden under a cold-poached slab of chicken breast, and a bath of vibrant green apple and fennel consommé was poured over the top. Such balanced elegance is something you expect at a restaurant at twice this price point. [LAW]

Ultimately, The Bellwether comes out looking like a strong addition to the neighborhood, and scores three glowing stars, with Snyder strongly adding:

It's not always useful to read too much into the meaning of a restaurant's name, but in the case of "bellwether" — "one that leads or indicates trends" — the definition seems an apt description of what Hopson and Verdi have accomplished. The Bellwether is by no means a groundbreaking establishment, but it takes what we've come to expect from a neighborhood restaurant and adds another layer of polish. No hooks, no gimmicks, no conceits. If that's the next big trend, I'm all for it. [LAW]

Ultimately the review matches up pretty well to Jonathan Gold's earlier word on the matter, which at the time considered The Bellwether to be perfectly on trend.

The Bellwether

13251 Ventura Boulevard, , CA 91604 (818) 285-8184 Visit Website

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