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Silver Lake Is About to Get Some of the City's Greatest Burmese Food

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Daw Yee Myanmar Corner doles out fermented tea leaf salads and curry chicken noodle soups tomorrow

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The eagerly awaited Daw Yee Myanmar Corner soft opens tomorrow in Silver Lake, bringing some of greater Los Angeles' best Burmese food into the heart of the city. The strip mall space next to Same Same on Sunset Boulevard opens for dinner service at 5:00 pm.

Despite having to build out a completely new kitchen in the former space of an escrow company, restaurateur Delyn Chow's second effort will open after only a few weeks of delay (mostly caused by some long-winded inspection processes).

Chow designed the space himself, where a row of colorful origami animals hang high on one wall opposite some very Instagram-ready tiles on the other. Potted orchids dot the two-tops, while the center of the dining room features a long communal table capable of seating a dozen. The compact room is full of bright colors, with a layout that offers visitors a direct peek into the bustling kitchen.

Daw Yee Myanmar Corner, Silver Lake

While Daw Yee Monterey Park's menu might already be familiar to many, the biggest difference at the Silver Lake outlet will be the veganized versions of some popular dishes like the noodle salad. Otherwise, Burmese food seems to be a perfect fit for this Silver Lake plaza, as the cuisine naturally relies on chickpea and lentils over soy bean, making many options gluten free. A beer and wine license is pending, with the full menu available below.

Starting this weekend, Daw Yee will open for lunch as well. That means, with nearby Pho Cafe and the aforementioned Same Same, one of Silver Lake's quieter plazas has become suddenly hip. And now Daw Yee joins the party, bringing some of the most exotic dishes of Southeast Asia to one of the trendiest neighborhoods in America.

Daw Yee Myanmar Corner
2831 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Daw Yee Myanmar Corner

Daw Yee Myanmar Corner

2837 Sunset Boulevard, , CA 90026 (213) 413-0568 Visit Website