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LA's First Official Cat Cafe Is Opening This Fall

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It'll be the purrfect place for cat and coffee lovers alike

Crumbs & Whiskers, DC
Crumbs & Whiskers, DC

Although there have been a series of cat cafe pop-ups over the years, cat lovers felt a little left out when LA's first permanent dog cafe opened in March. Well now fans of furry felines will have their own cuddly cafe when Crumbs & Whiskers opens this fall.

The concept comes out of Washington D.C., where a reservation to the cafe is $15 per person for 75 minutes of time, plus the cost of food and beverages. Walk-ins can score 15 minutes of kitty time for $5.50.

Taking over a former waxing shop on 7924 Melrose Avenue just one block west of Fairfax, the central location should be the perfect place to de-stress over cat cuddles and a cup of joe. Beverages and snacks will come from a yet-to-be determined local cafe.

Cattucino, anyone?

Crumbs & Whiskers
7924 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles