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Long-Lost Valley Diner Stanley's Transforms Into Party-Focused Mexican Spot

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Te'kila originally opened in Hollywood, but has expanded into a quieter neighborhood

Te'kila, Sherman Oaks
Te'kila, Sherman Oaks
Ghost Media

Sherman Oaks continues to shine lately, as casual Hollywood drinkin' spot Te'kila makes its way into the suddenly crowded Valley. The news first broke of the Te'kila expansion back in March, and now an opening for the restaurant should arrive by the end of the month.

Below is your first official look inside at the aggressively casual spot, which combos (you guessed it) tequila and mezcal drinks with easygoing Mexican fare. The plan is still to up the offerings somewhat by adding in a handmade tortilla option and hold on to a few dishes from the beloved former tenant — that would be the beleaguered Stanley's, which shuttered last summer.

Final touches are in the works now for Te'kila Sherman Oaks, with preview dinners commencing shortly. After that it will be open season for anyone in the Valley looking to recreate a bit of the busy Hollywood restaurant's vibe without heading over the hill.

Others wanting a quieter night in could find eventually find themselves at the restaurant's smaller back bar, where the focus will be on craft cocktails. Overall, expect this iteration of Te'kila to be much more subdued, with shorter hours and a neighborhood feel.

Te'kila Sherman Oaks
13817 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA

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