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Did a Famous Singer Steal This Quartz Crystal From Moon Juice in Silver Lake?

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And more unbelievable morning news from around the city

The ill-fated rose quartz from Moon Juice in Silver Lake
The ill-fated rose quartz from Moon Juice in Silver Lake
Moon Juice
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

Someone stole Moon Juice's mojo

Not feeling today's vibes? That could be because there's a healing crystal missing in Silver Lake. That's right, Moon Juice — the ultra-quirky $70 juice cleanse shop known for putting indecipherable superfood ingredients into their drinks — had rose quartz crystal lifted over the weekend, and as owner Amanda Chantal Bacon says: "You do not want the energy of a stolen crystal!"

So who took the darn thing? Well, as LAist points out, oddly enough it might be singer Father John Misty. He's a quirky guy himself, but ultimately his own social media post fessing up to the crime feels more like an extension of the joke than a serious mea culpa.

LA’s best tasting menus

Josiah Citrin chats it up with the Citizine team about his favorite tasting menus across the city, starting with Maude and moving on down through Patina, Providence, Shunji, Orsa & Winston, and others.

Finding the Flavors We Lost

LA Magazine critic Patric Kuh has been on the book trail lately in support of his new volume entitled Finding the Flavors We Lost. As the LA Times notes, Kuh takes a critic’s lens to the term artisans, unraveling stories of how some of our most famous bespoke foods — from La Brea Bakery to Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan — came to be. It’s a fascinating read, and strongly recommended for anyone with a DIY streak in them.

Here's your first look inside Cleo at LA Live

Mind you it's just renderings at the moment, but here's an accurate look at what the 200-seat Cleo at L.A. Live will look like when it opens months from now. The massive new build will bring the second Cleo to Los Angeles, though the brand has outlets elsewhere.

UCLA’s culinary elite

Did you know that some of Los Angeles’ most well-known chefs and restaurateurs are actually UCLA alums? The UCLA Magazine sure did, which is why they’ve laid out profiles on everyone from Ray Garcia (class ’00) and Natasha Phan (’07) to Bryant Ng (’00) and Andre Guerrero  (’78), among others.

Swedish pizza rules

LA Magazine takes a look at Atwater Village’s Viking Pizza, a Swedish-style pizza adherent that is making some of the oddest (and possibly tastiest) pizzas in the city. No, their lettuce-topped, mayo-laced kabob pizza won’t win any awards for authenticity, but that’s sort of the fun, delicious point.

Here’s your new-look Hedley’s

West Hollywood’s Hedley’s has undergone a complete remodel, aimed at bringing the long-running restaurant up to speed with today’s dining culture. The Built Inc. redo was overseen by John Sofio and Dominique Labaki, with the Robertson restaurant now looking a beachy midcentury modern spot you’d love to tuck into for dinner. The place remains as focused on eating only organic foods as ever, of course.