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The Rise of Imperial Cuisine, More Hainan Chicken, and Other News From the SGV

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Plus Chang'An releases new happy hour menu featuring fried Jidori chicken

The Big Catch, Temple City
The Big Catch, Temple City
Tony Chen

And now, a semi-regular update from San Gabriel Valley's vibrant restaurant scene:

1) Temple City: Bistro Na's, a Beijing restaurant empire focused on Chinese "Imperial court" cuisine, is coming to Temple City's brand new Camellia Square. The 7,100 square foot space will tentatively seat 177 and share the parking lot with the upcoming Kang Ho Dang Baekjong. Bistro Na's is currently hiring for all positions, but constructions looks nowhere complete, so it may be awhile before Angelenos can feast like the Last Emperor.

This project will be a huge addition to Chinese dining scene in the SGV. With Dongpo Arcadia as well as another Chengdu power house coming online this year, high-end Chinese cuisine is being driven by deep pocketed Chinese conglomerates now more than ever. 9055 Las Tunas Drive #10, Temple City

red chicken, san gabriel

2) San Gabriel: A new Singaporean chicken rice - aka Hainan chicken rice -- is coming. Red Chicken takes over a shuttered Domino's Pizza and from the signage, will serve a proper Hainan chicken, with the sauce trio commonly found in Singaporean hawker stalls. 1001 E Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel

big catch, temple city

3) Alhambra: Big Catch Seafood House, a Boiling Crab-type restaurant with nicer digs, is opening at Alhambra Place. Soft liquor is in the application process, and the build-out has only recently begun. This chain seafood restaurant also belongs to M2K Group, the same team behind SpearsTriple 8, as well as EMC. Of note, there is an actual Boiling Crab about 400 feet away. 2 S .Garfield Ave., Ste. 100, Alhambra

4) San Gabriel: Chinese gastropub Chang'An, currently a darling of the local nouveau riche alcoholics, is properly offering a new happy hour menu. Key points of the happy hour: $12 pitchers of Sapporo, $1.50 fresh oysters, $5 giant lamb kebabs, $8 fried quartered Jidori chicken. 227 W Valley Blvd ,Third Floor.

big fish, monterey park

5) Monterey Park: Bamboo Creek, the Shanghainese cafe with a mish-mash menu, is kaput. In its place is Big Fish. Much like Na Mama, large portioned Sichuan-style roast fish (carp), as well as crawfish, are the items di rigeur here. 331 W Garvey Ave., Monterey Park

6) Alhambra: Yet another JJ Bakery & Cafe has opened in the SGV. This particular branch of the Taiwanese outlet isn't quite as full-blown as the Temple City big brother, but there's still lots of Taiwanese popcorn chicken and boba milk tea to be had. 150 E. Main St., #100, Alhambra.

a1 bakery rosemead

6) Rosemead: A1 Bakery recently opened across the area's most popular In-N-Out. Cantonese baked goods and boba milk teas are the items driving the menu here. 4213 Rosemead Blvd Ste A, Rosemead