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Prime Cutts Brings a Plethora of Spit-Roasted Meat to West Third Street Today

A Turkish döner kebab specialist is ready to start slicing

Prime Cutts, West Third Street
Prime Cutts, West Third Street

Here comes Prime Cutts to West Third Street. The quiet new Turkish shop adds to a growing number of places hoping to cash in on the döner kebab trend by bringing it stateside with a vengeance.

Owners Jerfa Firati and Alican Bayar say that Prime Cutts is meant as a fast casual home for a variety of Turkish meats, from vertical spit-roasted beef to lamb on down. You’ll then be able to work those meats into a pita sandwich, on a dedicated plate with hummus and rice and other sides, or as part of some inventive burritos, tacos, rice bowls, and sandwiches.

Fast casual here means lots of options (otherwise known as the Chipotle model) that will let customers order up their meats with toppings as they see fit. The dining area itself is colorful and open, with a patio space out front and tall ceilings — including a skylight — inside. Two-tops run along one wall, with larger tables in the middle and ordering at the back.

Prime Cutts joins longtime options like Spitz and newer players like Berlins as eateries focused on the döner kebab (also known as kebap and other phonetic iterations). It’s a staple food throughout much of Europe, but hasn’t much made an impact stateside, as Americans seem to tend to prefer the similar Greek gyros or some straight-up al pastor.

The restaurant’s West Third address has been in construction since around the first of the year, with a "cutting soon" banner hanging outside since January. Now today’s the official day of opening, with planned hours moving forward from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

Prime Cutts
8312 W. Third St.
Los Angeles, CA

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