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Rejoice! Peach Doughnuts Have Arrived at The Donut Man

It's the reason for the season, really


Los Angeles is a nearly endless resource for doughnuts, but perhaps no place is more beloved than Glendora's own Donut Man. Long known as a place for delicious, seasonal treats, the shop continues to turn out some of the area's best confections using the ripest fruits as filling.

Now, thanks to a helpful PSA courtesy of Food Talk Central, the word is out that as of July 13, peach doughnuts have finally landed at the beloved Glendora institution The Donut Man. It's a highlight for many, as these are considered the best possible version of the iconic stand's annual fruit haul.

[Photo: Facebook]

Beware though: you typically only have a few weeks to snag them before peaches go out of season. That makes The Donut Man a requisite stop on the way to Vegas for the special summer treats, or an enterprising mini road trip for anyone heading out from the Westside. Plus you can't go wrong with also nabbing a few tiger tails once you've made the journey, or snagging a few summer strawberry doughnuts to boot.

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The Donut Man

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