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The New York Times Endorses Kali, L.A. Week at Tasting Table, More A.M. Intel

Plus a seafood situation in South Pas, and the history of Canter's in video form

Kali on Melrose
Kali on Melrose
Wonho Frank Lee

Life is but a Fanta-Sea

LA Weekly talks up Fanta-Sea Grill, the cheekily-named seafood restaurant in South Pasadena that's doing lots with lobsters. In fact, the place is a downright ode to all things seafood, opening in 1999 in the former strip mall home of a yogurt shop. Now it's turning out some of the area's most underrated food.

Going back to Kali

The New York Times found fit to cover Kali on Melrose, the recently-opened restaurant from Kevin Meehan and Drew Langley. It's rare for NYT to deign to deliver such focused space to one restaurant in the city, but speak volumes to what the pair are doing at their modern Californian restaurant, which marries upscale food with casual vibes just off Larchmont.

They Love L.A.

Tasting Table is covering the city this week in a first-ever Los Angeles Week, with the series starting off with why LA is the best place to open a restaurant in the country. Chefs from Jessica Koslow to Curtis Stone chime in.

No more Khao Soi

Looks like Khao Soi by Inthanon Thai in Hollywood has come and gone, as the once-popular Thai soup specialist went down back in April. This Facebook post owes the shutter to the owner's failing health, while the original iteration in North Hollywood continues to operate.

Can't stop, won't stop

The folks at American Food Tales have put together a fun inside look at Canter's Deli on Fairfax, from the family behind the restaurant to the place's history as a Jewish American icon and backdrop for decades of rock and roll. Take a look.

Saving grains

The LA Times has a powerful, in-depth look at Alex Weiser (of Weiser Family Farms) and the overall Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project, which looks to return California to grain-growing prominence without the help of GMOs. It's an intriguing look at modern farming with a historical bent.

Mongolian meals for Santa Monica

Looks like Santa Monica Place isn’t done just yet, as the food court spot near the water recently opened a Great Khan’s Mongolian Grill. As Toddrickallen notes the open space is little more than a big flattop for grilling all those DIY meats and noodles, plus some seating around the edges, but still: a new business at Santa Monica Place is a new business, no matter what.

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