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The Houston Chronicle Says LA Has Great Barbecue, If You're Willing to Look

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Plus more AM intel from around the restaurant world

Chicas Tacos, Downtown
Chicas Tacos, Downtown

What Houston has to say about our barbecue

Texas is known for pulling no punches when it comes to their barbecue critiquing, which is what might have made this Houston Chronicle article about LA's growing barbecue scene all the harder to swallow. And while there are some tough words (Maple Block is found to be the most disappointing, say), you'll read plenty of praise too — particularly for Ray's BBQ in Huntington Park, which has been getting loads of good press lately from just about everywhere.

No more Canon Club

After plenty of back and forth, it looks like Canon Club in Beverly Hills is finally down for good. A tipster writes in to say the recently reopened place is indeed nothing more than a shell once again, marking a decidedly weird year for whoever was trying to keep the place afloat.

Celebrating the real winemakers

This weekend ERB is doing something special in the Arts District. Instead of throwing yet another wine party with some big-name label, they're celebrating one man: Ruben Solorzano, who has parlayed his three decades in America into being one of the most underrated parts of the California wine scene. Solorzano has overseen the planting and maintenance of so many key vineyards on the Central Coast that the scene there truly wouldn't be where it is without him. So to celebrate, his family is going to be cooking food on the back patio while some of those same labels pour their wines from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in honor of him. Tickets run $45.

Beer, food, and music in San Pedro

Brouwerij West is hosting a massive party this coming Saturday called Popfuji, where from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. there will be half a dozen food trucks and nearly as many bands performing for just $5. Plus lots of beer, of course. Food options include the now-mobile BatterFish, plus Greenspan's Grilled Cheese, and more.

Check out Chicas Tacos

LAist goes in on Chicas Tacos to find out what's good from the tiny Downtown taqueria. In short: everything, though the deceptive caesar salad fish taco option is among the highlights, particularly on a sweltering day in the city.

DIY Terrine fried chicken

Want the recipe for Terrine's spectacular fried chicken? Here you go. The LA Times lays out the whole process for the finished bird, from pickle-brining up top to the finished product. Now all you've got to do is master it at home.

The Cannibal's new brunch

Culver City's The Cannibal is officially doing the brunch thing, which means lots more options for lots more meat. It also means a hash brown sandwich (as in, the buns are hash browns) with an egg in the middle. Genius. Check out the menu below.

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