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Starbucks Can't Be Happy About Koreatown's New 'Hairbucks' Salon

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And more restaurant news from around Los Angeles

Ox & Son, Santa Monica
Ox & Son, Santa Monica
Elizabeth Daniels

The problem with Highland Park

As some neighbors have been saying for a while now, Highland Park may be suffering from a glut of bars. KPCC dives into the conversation with both feet, talking to locals who say the influx of weekend crowds is drastically changing the way they live, and that the rise in associated money coming to the area isn’t sustainable.

Bradley Miller moves on

After serving as opening chef of both Ox & Son and Ashland Hill, Bradley Miller is moving on. The FNA Group behind both projects will remain, though Miller will no longer be a part of the whole operation. Instead, he’s off on his own next (unnamed) venture, and is sure to pop up again elsewhere soon.

Akbar is for everyone

Silver Lake’s longstanding Akbar has hit the 20 year mark. That means it’s also earned a nice little profile from LAist, who talk with owners Scott Craig and Peter Alexander about the place, its history in the city, and where things will go from here.

Bet your beef noodle soup

Lucky Peach helicoptered in to Los Angeles in time to throw together this fairly comprehensive beef noodle soup crawl. The day begins at Sapp, of course, in Thai Town, before continuing on through Han Bat Sul Lung Tang in Koreatown, pho at Pho 87 in Chinatown, and on out to the SGV.

Don't go to Hairbucks

Anyone else spotted this copyright-cringing signage in Koreatown off Normandie yet? It's for a new salon, but boy oh boy are they a bit on the nose with the font and tone of the place.

Drink with The Spirit Guild

Want to have someone drive you around Los Angeles while you drink? You can do that tomorrow with LA Beer Hop, who is doing a first-ever stop off at The Spirit Guild in the Arts District for tastes of vodka and gin from the new distillery. They’ll also be hitting up Iron Triangle Brewing and Mumford for craft beer, with the party starting at noon sharp at Union Station.

Wine time at Hatchet Hall

The folks behind Hatchet Hall’s wine program have never been one for subtlety, but it seems this weekend they’re flying mostly under the radar with a rad natural wine party this coming Monday at the Old Man Bar in the back of the restaurant. It won’t be totally incognito, of course, considering there’s going to be lots of Parisian partying going on, complete with a slew of 70’s French punk playing from 10 p.m. on.

Party at Pagoda Bar

Starting this weekend you can party like you mean it at Yamashiro once again. Their outdoor pagoda bar, with one of the best views in all of Los Angeles drinking, is doing a 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. "Lucky 7" happy hour every Friday through Sunday, which means $7 cocktails, sushi bites, and more.

A rush of robberies

ABC7 is on the case of a string of robberies at restaurants across La Habra, Whittier and Fullerton that all appear to possibly be linked. Three of the restaurants were in the same strip mall, while the others were singular locations where unknown bandits made off with cash and more.

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