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Firing Up Pristine Beef Cuts at LA's Best Modern Korean Barbecue

Time to take care of a few bottles of soju and beer

When you're looking for a great Korean barbecue experience, there are old school spots like Soot Bull Jeep or The Corner Place, as well as some modern interpretations of the format. Places like Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong and today's feature restaurant, Magal BBQ in Koreatown, exhibit a slightly tweaked format that feels very much like they were plucked out of Seoul's bustling Hongdae district.

With a more casual, everyday style, and a parade of top notch, premium meats that you'd find at a pricey place like Park's BBQ, you get the best of both worlds here. So while you're sitting on little padded stumps instead of plush chairs, you're still downing bottles of light Korean beer and crisp soju after taking out plate after plate of pristine beef cuts. Dive into one of LA's best new modern Korean barbecue restaurants and learn about the various cuts of meat you can try over the searing hot tabletop grill. Oh, and don't miss the amazing egg and kimchi fried rice volcano at the end.

Magal BBQ

3460 West 8th Street, , CA 90005 (213) 383-1909

Soot Bull Jeep

3136 West 8th Street, , CA 90005 (213) 387-3865 Visit Website

Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong

3465 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020 (213) 384-9678