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After Ten Years, Soul Is (Almost) Ready for Its Hollywood Debut

It looks like the nearly decade-old project might finally come to light


In what must be the longest restaurant build out in the history of Los Angeles, it seems like chef Yealang Smith's Soul might actually open next month. You probably don't remember when Eater first broke news of the restaurant back in 2007. Yup that isn't a typo, the concept was announced nearly a decade ago, with the first projected opening date being June 2008.

Then back in 2012, signage was posted on the walls, with a Facebook post boasting "bomb ass music" and "orgasmic fried chicken" coming to the restaurant in early 2013. Another false alarm went off last year, when an ABC posting and construction workers seemed to signify the restaurants impending debut.

Well now, two full presidential terms later, reps for the restaurant expect an early/mid September 2016 opening. The restaurant will offer contemporary Southern fare with dishes like Carolina-coffee rubbed ribs, fried chicken brined in pickle juice, and Louisiana crawfish and grits with cave-aged cheddar that come by way of executive chef Giulian Jones. With a full bar, three floors, and live performance capabilities, the expansive 6,000 square foot space sounds like its ready to open with a bang. That is, if you believe it will ever actually open.