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Irvine's Pho Saigon Pearl Headed to Fairfax in Mid-City

You don't have to trek down to Orange County any longer

Pho Saigon Pearl, Irvine
Pho Saigon Pearl, Irvine

It isn't always easy to find quality Vietnamese food in the heart of LA. Luckily for Mid-City residents, Irvine's beloved Pho Saigon Pearl is opening up on 519 S Fairfax in the former Four Cafe location.

A few blocks south of 3rd Street, the upcoming restaurant should bring a nice new lunch option to the area, especially with fall just around the corner. On the menu expect the same deal as the two Irvine locations. Beyond a wide selection of the namesake brothy noodle soup, there will be banh mi, a selection of rice based and vermicelli noodle dishes, and plenty of Vietnamese iced coffee to wash it all down.

Reps for the restaurant estimate a grand opening in just under two months, which means the concentrated residential area should be able to get their fill of pho in no time.

Pho Saigon Pearl
519 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA