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Shake Shack's Burger Giveaway, Silver Lake's Juice Bar Problems, More A.M. Intel

Plus an Eastside barbecue party and news on Petit Trois in the Valley

Shake Shack West Hollywood
Shake Shack West Hollywood
Wonho Frank Lee
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Silver Lake plays itself

The neighborhood of Silver Lake has moved "beyond peak juice," according to Boom Magazine. A new article there highlights the proliferation of juice bars around the neighborhood, even as Silver Lake as a whole continues to turn down options for improved (and affordable) housing. It's an interesting angle on a part of town that, every once in a while, deserves some of the scorn it gets.

100 Free Shake Shack Burgers

Feel like eating for free at Shake Shack in West Hollywood? Or, more specifically, feel like waiting in line? You can do just that this coming August 16, when from 10:30 a.m. to noon the WeHo location will be giving away 100 free ShackBurgers in celebration of the company’s 100th location worldwide. Expect a crowd.

Breakfast at Hollywood Burger

One of Hollywood's better new fast food options lately has been Hollywood Burger, an upstart international chain with a location across from The Pantages. Now the company has moved into breakfast as well, doing inexpensive morning sandwiches and nitro coffee until 11:30 a.m. daily. The full AM menu is right this way.

The next big barbecue blowout

Kris Morningstar of Terrine is cooking up a barbecue blowout at Tenants of the Trees in Silver Lake this weekend, where $10 advance tickets get you a plate of grub from the man himself. There will also be a photo booth, a DJ set from Them Jeans, and more. Hours rum 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., and you can get your tickets here.

Petit Trois does booze in the Valley

The Valley location of Petit Trois is coming along nicely, and with that comes a chance to really pour some serious booze. That’s the plan as laid out by this ABC filing, which shows the Ludo + Jon + Vinny team hard at work securing your next alcohol-imbibing spot. Petit Trois Valley can’t came to life soon enough.

Cosmic Brewery hits Torrance

There’s yet another new South Bay drinking option, says FoodGPS. This one’s called Cosmic Brewery, a former contract brewer who now has a taproom location that actually consists mostly of a self-pouring draft process that lets guests pay by the ounce for their beer. Not exactly the warmest welcome, but rather efficient and consumer-friendly nonetheless.

Estrella’s next big thing

Sunset Strip spot Estrella is becoming known for their brunches, particularly if they include The Rolling Stone, a massive avocado cradling a warm egg and wrapped in bacon. This Volume 2 iteration adds lots more truffle and other goodness — take a look.