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Taste Testing the New General Tso's Chicken at Panda Express

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How does the new menu item stack up?

After nearly 50 years, Panda Express has decided to expand their offerings to include the iconic dish General Tso's Chicken. A mostly East Coast Chinese-American food creation, General Tso's is largely unseen out West where Panda Express is headquartered, making the unveiling particularly important to the growing private chain.

To celebrate the new menu item's arrival, Panda promoted a grand unveiling at the Glendale Galleria mall, site of the first-ever location of the chain. They even went so far as to design and build a functional Chinese food delivery box, done to a scale that could allow for the company's corporate recipe and product team to hide inside before dropping the front and revealing the chicken dish.

The biggest question surrounding the hyped General Tso's Chicken is whether or not it's actually any good, which is why Eater LA editors Matthew Kang and Farley Elliott made the trek to the unveiling in order to give the food an early first look. How does it stack up against the company's vaunted Orange Chicken? Take a look.