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These 20 LA Restaurants Owe More Back Wages Than Any Other

KCRW exposes them all

As a part of KCRW's Burned series, investigative journalist Karen Foshay continues her deep dive into the restaurant industry, expanding on yesterday's look at wage theft to find out exactly how much restaurants owe their employees.

After harrowing analysis that involved an examination of over 2,300 wage claims filed by restaurant workers, KCRW found the 20 Los Angeles-area restaurants with the highest judgments and decisions against them. Not surprisingly, the restaurants for the most part are mom-and-pop operations that span the entirety of Los Angeles and Long Beach counties.

The worst offender is China Express in Commerce, ringing in at a whopping $280,570. Others include the Bar Rescue disaster that was Los Angeles Brewing Company ($222,207), Venice's Agra Indian Kitchen ($112,332), and Tacos Don Chente ($87,472). Other violators include China Wok ($229,839), Seoul Tofu in Monterey Park ($129,933), Shaanxi Gourmet in Rosemead ($94,170), and Sinbala Restaurant in Monterey Park ($79,849).

Check out the full list here.