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This New Encino Cocktail Lounge Will Offer Immense Seafood Towers

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Phillip Frankland Lee's newest concept brings cocktails and bistro fare to the 818

Seafood tower at Woodley Proper
Seafood tower at Woodley Proper
Susana Capra

Phillip Frankland Lee’s star meter continues to rise, as does the number of restaurant concepts he’s working on. Already behind the popular Scratch Bar in Encino (and the only recently-shuttered Gadarene Swine), Lee is also collaborating on a number of new ideas around town, including the brand new Woodley Proper, which should open this fall.

As part of Lee’s growing plans, Woodley Proper will act as a companion to both Scratch Bar and the upcoming Oh Man! Ramen, both of which operate on the second floor of a strip mall in Encino. The place is going to be a full-on cocktail den (which the Valley has needed since the closing of The Fiscal Agent nearby), helmed by none other than Devon Espinosa, who will be on site nightly and will craft the drinks menu himself.

There will be food on offer, as chef Luke Reyes and Lee step in to co-create the lineup, but don’t expect anything too expansive. Except there will be some epic seafood towers on the bill of fare. Also, look for housemade charcuterie, breads from pastry chef Margarita Lee, and a few other simple bistro favorites.

Woodley Proper won’t open until sometime mid-October, but when it does expect lunch, dinner, and late night hours daily. That means a starting time of noon, with a liquor license that lets the party continue until 2 a.m.

Woodley Proper
16101 Ventura Blvd. #245
Encino, CA

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