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One of LA's Most Popular Non-SGV Chinese Restaurants Closing Next Week

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Pingtung Eat-In Market on Melrose lasted three years

Pingtung Eat-In Market on Melrose
Pingtung Eat-In Market on Melrose

It’s the end of the line for Pingtung Eat-In Market on Melrose, as the once popular Chinese food option will shutter by the end of August. Waitstaff has been quietly making the announcement for a few days, with the restaurant confirming the shutter only last night.

First opened in 2013, Pingtung became a favorite within the local community thanks to its casual vibe and strong menu. The restaurant was also a haven for anyone looking to enjoy more-than-serviceable Chinese and Taiwanese fare without schlepping over to San Gabriel Valley. Not only that, but for a long time the place carried a strong tea collection on par with what places like Pine & Crane is doing now in Silver Lake.

Head to Pingtung now if you’d like to get one last taste of the restaurant’s unique menu, though tipsters say the place might be running on pantry fumes already. Still, it’s worth a shot for a final meal at the casual spot.

PINGTUNG Eat-In Market

7455 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 866-1866 Visit Website

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