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Pizza Antica Joins Long List of Shutters at Santa Monica Place

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It's still tough times for the Westside property

Pizza Antica, Santa Monica
Pizza Antica, Santa Monica

More trouble for the already-worrisome Santa Monica Place, with Toddrickallen reporting that Pizza Antica will close by early September.

The shutter of one of the last true table service restaurants at Santa Monica Place shows that it’s still tough times for the massive mall property on the Westside. Beset by closures and low turnout for a long time now, there was hope that the Expo Line might reinvigorate the property a bit. That doesn’t seem to have fully happened however, as Antica will be moving on come September 5.

As Toddrickallen notes, that means the half-priced wine deal on Tuesdays will also be going away, so you’ve only got one more opportunity to eat the place out of literal house and home. After that, it's all Cheesecake Factory, all the time.

Pizza Antica

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