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In-N-Out's Weirdest Hacks, LA's Best Cocktails, and More A.M. Intel

Plus more awards for Baroo, Sonoratown expands, and Torrance gets a new outdoor dinner situation

Inside The Walker Inn, Koreatown
Inside The Walker Inn, Koreatown
The Walker Inn
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

LA's best cocktails

LA Weekly tackles the enduring question of who makes the best cocktails in town. There are lots of worthy mentions made inside, from the Walker Inn to Melrose Umbrella Co. on down. It's a strong list, and makes an even stronger case for Los Angeles as one of the best cocktail cities in America.

Even more love for Baroo

This time it's Tasting Table spreading the love on Baroo, the Hollywood strip mall dining mecca that's been drawing rave reviews from all across the country. The focus this time is on Kwang Uh, the journeyman chef who, along with Matthew Kim, brought the restaurant to life after working with fermentation techniques for years. He still has a hard time describing just what Baroo is, and that's part of what makes the place so awesome.

Sonoratown's big expansion

Okay, maybe it's not the biggest expansion, but tiny Downtown taco shop Sonoratown certainly is growing thanks to their newly-installed patio space. It's a small L-shaped jut onto the wide sidewalk, but should clear up some interior space and make room for all those customers eager for Sonoran-style carne asada and flour tortillas.

New patio!! #taqueria #dtla #losangeles #sonorenses

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Buy your way into the restaurant world

Want to own a piece of prime restaurant property? As LAist notes, you can do just that for a mere $14 million by picking up the long corner stretch in Silver Lake that includes Sawyer, El Condor, and a couple of businesses in between. No small change, of course, but it's an easy way to start mixing it up in the restaurant real estate world, if you've got the money.

Girls For Grains

There’s a fun new pop-up coming to Feastly in the Arts District on Sunday, August 14. Called Girls for Grains, the $125 dinner is in support of the ongoing Tehachapi Grain Project, and is being co-hosted by the Hedley & Bennett team. Female chefs (Nyesha Arrington, Sara Kramer + Sarah Hymanson, Jennifer Toomey, Jessica Koslow, among others) will be making dishes, while other California vintners pour wine.

BierBeisl's new menu

Bernhard Mairinger subtly released a new menu for his returned-from-beyond Downtown sausage shop BierBeisl last night, dropping a peek at the new food lineup (which launches today) over on Instagram. Check it.

In-N-Out hacks you might not know about

Buzzfeed tackles some of the more obscure In-N-Out hacks out there (roadkill fries?), and comes back with some mixed feelings on most of them. The biggest disappointment? The 4x4, which just feels like too much meat for the team.

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How to order sushi at Matsumoto on Beverly

Blog My Annoying Opinions goes in on Matsumoto, the formerly-named Hirozen on Beverly, showcasing the restaurant’s array of sushi while noting that the place may not have the same pop as it’s long-running predecessor. It’s by no means a bad restaurant, but for the price point it seems a more varied menu might have helped.

Outdoor dining comes to Torrance

This September, Torrance is getting a new outdoor dinner experience thanks to 21 Square Bar + Kitchen inside the Marriott Hotel Redondo Beach, which sits just across from the Del Amo Fashion Center. Look for casual fare with a seafood bent, lounge space, an indoor-outdoor vibe, and a big 27-seat bar.