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Mexican Favorite Loteria Grill Shutters in Studio City

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Luckily Jimmy Shaw has plenty of other outlets

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Loteria Grill, Studio City
Loteria Grill, Studio City
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And just like that, Loteria Grill in Studio City is no more. Calls to the restaurant are now a dead-end, and the restaurant's OpenTable link from their website is dead as a doornail.

A peek over on the Yelp page for the restaurant confirms from multiple accounts that the place is indeed closed, with a tipster going so far as to add that the place has been cleaned out. Though the address is still visible on the company's website, this one is gone.

It's a sudden loss for the 2010 restaurant, which opened to some serious fanfare as chef/owner Jimmy Shaw was building his Mexican food empire. Still, six years is a great run for any place, and the shutter still leaves Shaw with outlets at the Original Farmers Market, in Hollywood, in Westlake Village, in Santa Monica, and at Figat7th in Downtown. Eater reached out to chef Shaw for comment, but so far hasn't heard back.

Desperate for guisados and thick tortillas out that way? You'll have to travel over to Burbank for the soon-to-open Guisados, though you can also make your way ten minutes south to the existing Loteria Grill in Hollywood.

Update: Chef/owner Jimmy Shaw writes in to say that the closure of the Studio City location was planned for weeks though there was no formal announcement, and that most longtime customers have now transitioned to either the Hollywood or Farmers Market locations.

Loteria Grill

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