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The bar at Catch, West Hollywood

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The Most Anticipated New Los Angeles Restaurant Openings, Fall 2016

Everything you need to track LA’s biggest new restaurants

The Los Angeles dining scene continues to grow in unprecedented ways. With a slew of new concepts and expansions, the fall restaurant opening lineup shows much promise, from smaller passion projects to a slate of larger spaces. Consider The Slanted Door, Catch, and Rossoblu, all of which will contain more than 200 seats as examples of large-scale eateries that hope to make a big mark on the scene.

There are some major comebacks, such as Evan Funke of Felix and Ricardo Zarate of Rosaliné, while some notable sophomore efforts of the Madcapra team (Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson), Cosa Buona (Alimento’s Zach Pollack), and Petit Trois 2.0 promise chef-driven fare to Los Feliz, Echo Park, and Studio City, respectively. Here now, the most anticipated fall openings in Los Angeles. For a look at the national scene from a trend perspective, check out this guide.


Steve Samson at Sotto
Wonho Frank Lee

Address: 1124 San Julian St., Los Angeles, CA

Major Player: Steve Samson

The Situation: Things are heating up at City Market South, the planned new Fashion District multi-use complex that will soon house Sotto chef Steve Samson’s massive new Rossoblu. The name and the food are both derived from the middle mountain regions of Italy, where Samson spent time growing up. Expect highly regional food from roughly the Emilia-Romanga and Bologana areas, with a focus on charcuterie and lots of easy festival-type fare.

Projected Opening: November


Kismet team

Address: 4648 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Major Players: Sara Kramer & Sarah Hymanson, Jon Shook & VInny Dotolo

The Situation: The New York City team behind Madcapra lays down sturdy restaurant roots with their follow-up Middle Eastern project Kismet, coming to the former Mother Dough space in Los Feliz this fall. Joining in on the fun is the Jon & Vinny team, who will help to bring the concept to life. Mostly though this is Hymanson and Kramer, doing small plates and lots of mezze.

Projected Opening: October


Address: 1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice

Major Player: Evan Funke

The Situation: It was a sad day when pasta maestro Evan Funke closed his beloved Bucato. Thankfully, the chef’s handmade pasta and focus on market-driven fare is making a triumphant comeback via Felix, his new restaurant that will take over the defunct Joe’s on Abbott Kinney. Funke’s recent trips to Italy learning pizza techniques intimate that wood-fired pizza will be a central component to the upcoming menu.

Projected Opening: Late November

Cosa Buona

Zack Pollack, Alimento

Address: 2100 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Major Player: Zach Pollack

The Situation: Alimento lead Zach Pollack is turning to Italian-American takeout fare, with a renewed focus on pizza at his new Echo Park spot Cosa Buona. You’ll also find classics like garlic bread, mozzarella sticks, shrimp scampi, and meatballs to enjoy in a tall corner space that formerly housed the long-running restaurant Pizza Buona.

Projected Opening: November


Address: 909 E. Third St., Los Angeles, CA

Major Player: Wes Whitsell

The Situation: Texan-born chef Wes Whitsell returns to Los Angeles after years away following stints at Osteria La Buca, New York's Soho House, and elsewhere. His new all-day restaurant sits inside the Hauser Wirth & Schimmel arts complex on Third Street in the Arts District, and promises three square meals a day plus a garden, live animals, and lots of outdoor seating. Expect Whitsell to lean on a really cool smoker he’s got, too.

Projected Opening: End of September


Rosaline, West Hollywood

Address: 8479 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA

Major Player: Ricardo Zarate

The Situation: Peruvian chef Ricardo Zarate is making a furious comeback to the LA dining scene after departing his three restaurants Picca, Paiche, and Mo Chica (the latter two have since closed while the former is still kicking on Pico Blvd). Zarate takes over the former Comme Ca space, a perfect launching pad for his comeback. Named after Zarate’s mother, Rosaliné is an intimate look into the chef’s commitment to his native cuisine.

Projected Opening: Early November

The Slanted Door

Charles Phan
Photo: Patricia Chang
Patricia Chang

Address: 1124 San Julian St., Los Angeles, CA

Major Player: Charles Phan

The Situation: San Francisco’s top-grossing independent restaurant by decorated chef Charles Phan is joining Rossoblu in the upcoming City Market South complex in the Fashion District. This is the first time Angelenos will get a taste of Phan’s James Beard award-winning modern Vietnamese cuisine. The space is purportedly as large as his San Francisco outlet, with room for hundreds of diners.

Projected Opening: Late November

Petit Trois Sherman Oaks

Petit Trois
Wonho Frank Lee

Address: 13705 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks

Major Players: Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo

The Situation: With the city’s most perfect omelet and that crazy Big Mec burger, it was only a matter of time for the Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo trio to open up a second branch of their tiny Melrose restaurant. Well the time has come, and the former Il Tiramisu in Sherman Oaks will soon become Petit Trois 2.0. This time the restaurant won’t be as cramped, with a rumor that the charm factor will be taken to the next level with the addition of patio seating.

Projected Opening: Early December

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Pastries at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, San Francisco

Address: 111 S. Avenue 59, Los Angeles, CA

Major Player: Aaron Caddel

The Situation: SF pastry lead Aaron Caddel has moved his primary base of operations down to Los Angeles, taking over a massive spot in Highland Park just off Figueroa. The plan is to do lots of laminated pastry stuff from a beautiful open kitchen in the back, with retail coming from a gleaming counter in the front.

Projected Opening: September


Rendering of Catch

Address: 8715 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA

Major Players: Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm

The Situation: New York’s uber popular Catch has found the perfect rooftop perch in West Hollywood, and it’s destined to become a celebrity hot spot from the get go. The seafood-focused restaurant will be hosting Emmy Award week activities in mid-September and will hopefully open the week after. The massive layout takes over some 12,000 square feet, with near pristine views across the city, from the Hollywood Hills out onto the flats of Mid-City and beyond. As for the menu, expect approachable seafood and reliably good cocktails to go with the lush environs.

Projected Opening: Late September

Tabula Rasa Bar

Tabula Rasa Bar, Thai Town
Farley Elliott

Address: 5125 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Major Players: Daniel Flores, Zach Negin

The Situation: A couple of former Bestia pals have descended on Thai Town with plans to open a wine bar and snack spot for the neighborhood. The idea is to keep things both high and low, with options for cheap drinks and bar seating alongside larger bottles of pricier stuff for anyone with more discerning taste. You’ll even be able to hang out on the small smoking patio out back.

Projected Opening: September

Cafe Birdie

Cafe Birdie, Highland Park
Farley Elliott

Address: 5631 Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA

Major Players: Wade McElroy, Russell Malixi, Joey Booterbaugh

The Situation: The Horse Thief guys expand into Highland Park with a big new neighborhood bistro, complete with semi-hidden cocktail bar in the back. The tall, inviting space will work wonders alongside chef Joey Booterbaugh’s Cal-Med cooking, which should provide a fun new boost to the area.

Projected Opening: September

Oh Man Ramen

Luke Reyes

Address: 16101 Ventura Blvd #242, Encino, CA

Major Players: Luke Reyes, Phillip Frankland Lee, Margarita Kallas-Lee

The Situation: Luke Reyes, formerly of Butchers & Barbers, has partnered with the Lees to build out a 2,000 square foot ramen restaurant right next to Scratch Bar on the second floor of a massive strip mall in Encino. It’s a break from any conventional wisdom about restaurant locations, but the Lees have built up a strong following in this part of the Valley, with no sign of letting up. Expect Reyes to build a new school ramen bowls with whole animal cuts and other non traditional approaches to the comfort format.

Projected Opening: Mid-September

Brack Shop Tavern

Former Barrel Down, Downtown LA
Stan Lee

Address: 525 W. 7th St. Los Angeles

Major Players: Last Word Hospitality

The Situation: Apparently there can ever be enough cocktail pubs Downtown, as a new player, Brack Shop Tavern, will take over the former Barrel Down and shift the focus from craft beers to cocktails. The new concept comes by way of Last Word Hospitality, the group behind the Thai restaurant and wine bar Same Same in Silver Lake. Beyond libations and a few of those beer lines, expect a bar menu with seasonal offerings.

Projected Opening: Mid-September

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