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Downtown’s Newest Coffee Shop Is Basically a Hipster Hobbit Hole

Complete with slate-colored ceramics and one seriously Instagrammable moss wall

GiorgiPorgi, Downtown
GiorgiPorgi, Downtown

When something is described as being "too on the nose," it means that thing, whatever it is, conforms so completely to expectations that it’s bound to garner a few eye rolls. Case in point: this new Downtown coffee shop GiorgiPorgi, with it’s tilted ceramic cups, greenspace entryway, and smooth minimalist surfaces. In the world of hip urban coffee shops, this place is very much on the nose.

The shop, just west of Los Angeles Street on Third St., has only been around a month or so, but is already pulling in commuters and locals with its funky aesthetic and coffee menu. It’s also drawing crowds of Instagrammers thanks to that big, mossy, arching wall that greets customers when they first walk in.

The rest of the place just shoots straight back as a sort of tall, narrow cement hallway. There’s the ubiquitous bent neon lighting, the poured cement bar with the La Marzocco on top, and that’s about it — save for some clear plastic stools, of course. As one Yelper so eloquently put it:

Just FYI, this is more of a place to gather, connect, share stories/conversations. The are no tables so leave the laptop at home.

Oh, and the coffee cups lean on their own. Like, they’re made to be able to tilt to one side, for aesthetics presumably. As a straight up grey ceramic coffee cup, that might not be the most functional design element. But as a true ode to how cool your coffee shop in Downtown Los Angeles is? Let’s just say they’re a little too on the nose.

Latte...@giorgiporgi #giorgiporgi #ifeellikecoffee #latte #dtla

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GiorgiPorgi is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. Eater reached out to ownership to find our more about the decision to offer leaning coffee cups and to talk more about the company’s personal hashtag (#ifeellikecoffee, if you were wondering) but so far hasn’t heard back.


137 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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