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Gwen Launches A La Carte 'Butcher Scraps' Menu for Walk-Ins

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And its airy patio perfect for cocktail sipping

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Gwen Outdoor Patio
Gwen Outdoor Patio
Clay Larsen

Curtis Stone's Gwen opened just under a month ago with its meat-centric, five-course menu. Well now, diners not looking for the $95 set menu experience (for two people minimum, so seats cost $190 a pair) can opt to sit in the restaurant's newly opened patio. The pleasant, trellis-enclosed space is reserved for walk-ins only, so it should be a nice go-to for a cocktail that comes by way of Mitchel Buschell.

Pair those drinks with a few snacks from the recently launched Butcher Scraps menu. The a la carte selections will change frequently to highlight the best of the housemade charcuterie, seasonal small plates, and highlights from the dinner menu. Think dishes like a gorgeous octopus terrine and the lamb ribs from dinner.

The menu is available at the main dining room bar, mezzanine bar, and patio, and should make the upscale restaurant feel more approachable to all. Check out the first Butcher Scraps menu below.

Gwen Butchers Scraps Menu


6600 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 946-7500