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This Downtown Spot Will Deliver Perfectly Timed Morning Bites and Late Night Munchies

Just what busy students and creatives want — and need

Breakfast from The Rooster Truck, LA
Breakfast from The Rooster Truck, LA

Here's an interesting one: Wake & Late, a new (mostly) delivery breakfast and late night spot, is landing in the heart of Downtown in just a few weeks. The killer concept will combine hearty breakfast foods, rich dinner and late night items, plus drinks like cold brew coffee and shakes for the masses, all packed in a delivery format that keeps costs low.

The company is the brainchild of Ben Richter, who spent time in college in North Carolina creating a breakfast delivery service for kids on campus. His company would time out deliveries with kids who placed their orders the night before, landing breakfast foods from certain restaurants at everyone's door by the designated time. Now he's doing much the same thing with Wake & Late, except they'll also be controlling the menu thanks to chef Rouha Sadighi from The Rooster Truck.

Sadighi is now on board the concept as a partner along with John Shoemaker, and together the trio plans to take over the only recently-shuttered Semi-Sweet Bakery on 6th Street. They'll be making some small changes to the place but nothing more than cosmetic, and have plans to open up in just a few short weeks.

There, customers will be able to walk in and get anything from the normal menu as a dine-in or to go option, though the overall focus will still be on delivery. Breakfast hours will run from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., with dinner and late night hours jumping in from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. six nights a week (closed Sunday).

What's more, Sadighi will actually rebrand her popular Rooster Truck to be a meals on wheels version of Wake & Late. They'll combine menus across the storefront, truck, and delivery — with a few of the most popular Rooster Truck items sticking around — and take a three-pronged approach to serving customers. The full menu is above.

To start, Wake & Late will carry a delivery radius that canvasses Downtown and stretches to USC to catch that all-important student demographic. In the future they'll expand into UCLA territory, and from there journey out to take over the whole city, one breakfast burrito morning delivery at a time.

Wake & Late
105 E. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA

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