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A Classy New French Dip Sandwich Contender Opens in Pasadena

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Harlowe's comes right along Union in Old Town Pasadena

Outside Harlowe's French Dip, Pasadena
Outside Harlowe's French Dip, Pasadena
Farley Elliott

It's been a fast turnaround for Harlowe's French Dip in Pasadena, the incoming french dip specialist that only about a month ago revealed itself along Union Street in Old Town. Now the place is up and running right this very second, doing a strong menu of sandwiches and more from inside a decadent, wood-wrapped space.

The paper was down from the windows last night, showing off a classy throwback interior complete with box ceiling and tons of wooden detail work. In fact, much of the place is canvassed in dark, rich tones, from the walls to the tables to the floor itself. It's a classy scene, which makes sense for a restaurant trying to revamp the idea of the french dip sandwich from simple grab and go eats to sit-down-and-linger fare.

The full food menu isn't available online just yet, but a chat with ownership last night confirms a slate of classic sandwiches and other fare, plus a slate of craft beer. That's in line with the owners' other restaurant in Whittier, The Bottle Room, which is a haven for the beer in that neck of the woods. You can find the opening taplist for Harlowe's right here.

As for hours, expect lunch through dinner daily moving forward, with likely timing from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., making Harlowe's French Dip a nice addition to the area that suddenly includes Lost at Sea just up the alley, and dining icon Union a few steps down.

Harlowe's French Dip
43 E. Union St.
Pasadena, CA

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