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Enterprising 10 Year Old Wants to Rule the Lemonade Stand Game

The Loco Lemon might be coming to a street corner near you

Anabelle Lockwood of The Loco Lemon
Anabelle Lockwood of The Loco Lemon
Go Fund Me

Here's the most adorable food business story ever. Ten-year-old Annabelle Lockwood launched an artisanal lemonade stand, deemed The Loco Lemon, this summer in Fountain Valley using her great grandmother's recipe, reports ABC 7. Instead of using powdered mixes, the fifth grader squeezes fresh lemons and cooks fruit sauces to make flavors like watermelon, peach, mango, mint.

After the stand grew in popularity, Annabelle's mother reached out to the Orange County Health Care Agency to get permits to expand and legitimize the operation to be able to accommodate corporate events and weddings. The health department reported that Annabelle would need to upgrade her lemonade cart to commercial standards, hold liability insurance, and obtain licenses to operate in a commercial kitchen. To pay for the endeavor, the Lockwoods have launched a Go Fund Me campaign to reach the estimated $2,500 expense.

Want to have the self-proclaimed Head Lemon to serve at your next event? You can support the Go Fund Me page here to support the budding entrepreneur.

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