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Anthony Bourdain Hits Night + Market, a Stabbing at Pier Burger, More A.M. Intel

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Plus, changes at Grand Central Market, and Intelligentsia closes in Silver Lake

Pier Burger in Santa Monica
Pier Burger, Santa Monica
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

The ‘gentrification’ of Grand Central Market

LA Magazine takes a hard look at Grand Central Market as the Downtown cultural icon nears its 100th anniversary. Working through the decades and talking to a lot of modern tenants, the piece cobbles together a narrative of change — good, bad, and problematic — for the bustling building.

A stabbing at Pier Burger

A scary situation unfolded inside Pier Burger last week, as a man armed with a knife made his way into the kitchen of the restaurant to demand free food. When he was denied service, one employee was stabbed and two others chased down. Police eventually found the culprit and took him into custody, with the hurt employee said to be in stable condition, according to LAist.

Caffe Luxxe goes for take-away booze

Looks like Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica, on Montana Avenue, is hoping to add alcohol soon enough. As Toddrickallen shows, the pending license is a Type 20, which means drinks won’t actually allow customers to drink on premises, but rather offer them a space to sell beer and wine that customers will have to take somewhere else to enjoy.

Bourdain does it right

Looks like it’s been quite the trip for Anthony Bourdain, as the In-N-Out eating world traveler stopped in for a bite at the West Hollywood outlet of Night + Market a few days ago.

What do you cook for the man who has eaten everything? Thanks so much for visiting @anthonybourdain

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Starbucks cometh

Looks like someone’s trying to edge in on Silver Lake’s high-end coffee game, as plans have been formally announced to bring a Starbucks to the same plaza as Gelson’s off Hyperion. The Eastsider has details on the planned expansion of the franchise, which will apparently include an outdoor patio.

West Hollywood’s love of Route 66

Wehoville takes a gander at all the grandeur that was Route 66, and how the iconic driving route led to some of that city’s more famous landmarks. First there are famous eateries like Formosa Cafe and Irv’s Burgers, but you’ll also get a walk-through of old neon signs and long-gone businesses from days of old.

Intelligentsia remodels in Silver Lake

Silver Lake's iconic Intelligentsia in Sunset is going down for an extended time thanks to a remodel. Today is the last day of service for a while, so get there now.

Anthony Bourdain Really Loves In-N-Out Burger