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Fake Chinatown PB&J Restaurant, Eastside Food Fest, More A.M. Intel

And more AM restaurant news from around the city

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Cassia, Santa Monica’s Landmark Southeast Asian Restaurant.
Cassia, Santa Monica
Wonho Frank Lee
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

Chinatown’s new PB&J restaurant

Well, not exactly. See, everyone’s been giving Bon Appetit a hard time lately for some ill-advised conversations they’ve been having about pho, so someone using the name Bad Appetite decided to parody them perfectly with a video for a fake new Chinatown peanut butter and jelly restaurant. The accompanying video is absolutely worth a watch.

What Cassia's NYT review really means

The Observer takes an interesting look at the New York Times three-star review of Cassia, noting that it's a very, very big deal in some sense. The piece carries some fun quotes from Bryant Ng and his wife about how they came to realize they'd been reviewed, but in a more macro sense the argument is made that this could change the way the rest of America considers dining in Los Angeles — even if we locals haven't made too big a stink about it.

The Valley’s got a hot khao soi specialist

Looks like more khao soi, the popular Thai soup, is coming to the Valley. This latest spot lands in Studio City, says Ventura Blvd. Magazine, and carries the easy-to-remember name Khai Soi Tai.

Dinner with Father Boyle

The James Beard Award-winning Father Greg Boyle (of Homeboy Industries) is going to be hamming it up with a few lucky diners soon, as he and the Proyecto Pastoral team are hosting their annual fundraiser in a few days at The Briks in Downtown. Tickets are $99 a pop, and you'll not only be able to eat food by chef Mario Christerna, you might win a dinner seat with Boyle himself down the line.

Super Amazing Restaurant Show at Eastside Food Fest

The third annual Eastside Food Festival is almost upon us, as the October 2 event is just weeks away and tickets are moving. Among the food highlights are Trois Familia, Kettle Black, El Condor, and more, even cooler is a live taping of the Super Amazing Restaurant Show, the new insider podcast from Alvin Cailan and the Badmaash brothers, Nakul and Arjun Mahendro.

A clambake at The Rose

Interested in catching the last little bit of summer? You can do so at The Rose this Sunday, as chef Jason Neroni and team put together a clambake out in Venice. For $75, guests will get three hours of seafood madness, plus beer from Boomtown Brewery.

ROKU on Sunset rocks

Looks like the parties will be coming to ROKU on Sunset soon, as the IDG-backed spot is turning up the teppanyaki tables for big birthday parties. As part of a new package, groups of four or more celebrating a birthday will get a complimentary bottle of champagne or sake to go along with their showy, meaty offerings — available now until December 30. Move over, Benihana.

Watch the game at The Greyhound

There’s a strong new brunch menu running weekends at The Greyhound in Highland Park. With the arrival of football season, the longtime bar is opening at 9:30 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays, with a list of fare that includes a pastrami breakfast burrito, short rib benedict, and just about every level of spicy wings you can imagine. The full menu is below.