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Oh Man, There’s ANOTHER Cat Cafe Coming to Los Angeles Soon

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Expect maximum coffee and cat hangouts at this new Culver City cafe

CatCafe Lounge Owner Kristi Galvan
Kristi Galvan

Uh oh: There’s already another cat cafe coming to Los Angeles. This one’s called CatCafe Lounge, and it’s landing in a big new Culver City home in just a few months.

For a city that went from zero animal-themed coffee shops to a dog cafe on Beverly and LA’s first permanent cat coffee spot on Melrose in a matter of months, one has to wonder if there’s enough animal love to go around? Hopefully, the answer is a resounding yes.

Owner Kristi Galvan describes the space as a "catopia" (as in cat utopia) that gives the felines free reign of the place, with big trees for them to climb through and a staging area for coffee drinkers to interact with those who might feel like a quick pet.

Like other animal cafes, the plan is for customers to encounter an animal close up that they decide to then adopt, thus cycling through the cats as each gets placed in a permanent home instead of at a shelter. One way that CatCafe looks to distance itself from the upcoming Crumbs & Whiskers spot landing on Melrose at the end of the month is by being a true non-profit, meaning the donated cost of entry to drink coffee and enjoy the cats will go back into the organization’s plans to adopt, foster, and house as many animals as possible.

Galvan says that CatCafe Lounge will carry coffee, tea, kombucha, and cold brew on tap. You’ll also find a small food menu available, from pastries to vegan fare. Want to see more for yourself? There’s a fairly adorable (and surprisingly epic) kitten video below to help seal the deal. Expect CatCafe Lounge to arrive late this year or early 2017.

CatCafe Lounge
11913 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA

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