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Ladurée's Luxury Macarons Landing Next in the Heart of Beverly Hills

A rapid expansion for the brand that has yet to open its doors on the West Coast

Upcoming location of Ladurée Beverly Hills
Upcoming location of Ladurée Beverly Hills

Less than one month after announcing that famed Parisian macaron retailer Ladurée will open its first LA location in The Grove, roving reporter Toddrickallen has spotted the patisserie's signature branding on a barricade in Beverly Hills.

The upcoming shop on the corner of Beverly and Dayton Way will take over the former Vosges Haut-Chocolat location, and should fare extremely well in 90210's famed Golden Triangle, what with its affinity for major sweets brands like Sprinkles and Sugarfina.

With current US locations in New York and Miami, the expansion to Los Angeles seems long overdue, which could explain the rapid arrival of two shops at essentially the same time. With its ritzy Parisian decor and gorgeous sweets display, Ladurée is sure to become a beloved addition to Beverly Hills.

Ladurée Beverly Hills
311 N. Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills