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All the Intel on Clifton's Cafeteria's Festive New Tiki Bar

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Pacific Seas shores up inside the massive Downtown restaurant next month

Behold the Return of Clifton's in Downtown
Inside Clifton’s, Downtown
Wonho Frank Lee

Since the start of the Clifton’s revival in Downtown, there has been word that a tiki-focused bar was coming to the multi-story property on Broadway. Now news is starting to leak out about Pacific Seas, and what one might actually find there when they open.

The LA Times blurbs about the upcoming addition of Pacific Seas to an upper level of the building, noting that the place will offer a hidden entrance and lots of decor touches. That means lots of bamboo, thatched roof action, and a colorful mural along one wall. Apparently there will also be performers, and bartenders just might be serving from behind the hull of an old boat (that part was rumored last year, but hasn’t been confirmed just yet).

As for food and drink, the bartender in charge hasn’t been formally named yet but look for the usual slew of rum-focused beverages and iconic tiki drinks. Chef Andrew Pastore will be overseeing a Polynesian menu that leans into the seafood side of things pretty heavily as well.

Expect an opening for Pacific Seas come October, with hours running Tuesday through Saturday nights. That’s good news for Clifton’s, and should help to further keep the place in rhythm after a rather tumultuous first year in business that saw just about everyone behind the massive undertaking not named owner Andrew Meieran leave. More details on the space, and the folks in charge, as they come.

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