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Maré Bringing Candlelit Dinners to Surprise Silver Lake Expansion

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The burgeoning chain is taking over every part of the city

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The former Barbarella, Silver Lake
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It’s a full-on trio of locations for Maré now, the intimate dinner spot by Eric Greenspan and company. Eater has learned exclusively that the former Barbarella space in Silver Lake will soon transform into yet another iteration of the brand, but with a bigger footprint — and loftier goals.

The long-running Barbarella on Hyperion suffered a quiet defeat several weeks ago, complete with papered-over windows and a shutter of their side business, a barbecue spot called Charcoal. That left room for Greenspan and the Midcourse Hospitality Group (Jim Hustead, James Moon) to sneak in and grab the high-visibility location for yet another Maré.

The original Maré began life as an outdoor-only semi-secret dinner destination on Melrose, with the only access through an unassuming door in the back of Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese. Then just this summer the crew took over a corner location in Santa Monica to create a second iteration, and establish a stronger Westside presence. Now they’re moving east with this latest outlet, and it seems construction crews are already well underway on the space.

Reached for comment, the team remained tight-lipped for the time being, but did add:

MHG is not revealing too many details yet but they are excited that much like Maré Melrose and Maré Santa Monica contain the same heart and soul of the concept and each stay true to their particular neighborhoods, Silver Lake will be the same, with a larger bar presence then the other Maré's and a larger menu.

Expect something possibly by the end of the year for Maré Silver Lake.

Maré Silver Lake
2609 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA


, Los Angeles, CA

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