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NYC's The NoMad Team Rolls Into LA With New Food Truck

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With seemingly all of New York City’s restaurant scene coming to Los Angeles, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the crowd. That’s not the case with the stellar NoMad team, who plan to bring an innovative new food truck to the street of Los Angeles as a primer to their upcoming Downtown restaurant behemoth.

The aptly-named NoMad Truck plans to hit the streets of Los Angeles in just a few weeks, but will be launching first at the massive music festival Desert Trip in Indio. That’s where the team will work a focused menu of chicken burgers (a rather famous staple at their New York City location), hot dog, fried fish sandwich, falafel pita, and sides. The full opening menu for the truck is below.

What makes the arrival of the NoMad truck even more interesting is the collaborative effort behind the scenes. Rather than running around town all day long, the truck will instead be parked at The Line Hotel in Koreatown, thanks to an agreement with chef Roy Choi that has Choi collaborating on the menu. That deal will run from the October 20 start date through the end of November.

After that, the truck’s location will move monthly based on a new collaboration with a different iconic LA chef. Each will do their own take on the chicken burger and offer insight elsewhere on the menu, which will then be presented daily on the truck.

The menu board on the truck

Those hoping for a full-on NoMad arrival — that would be the big hotel, the drop-dead gorgeous new restaurant space, all of it — will still have to wait for later into 2017, as the site is still very much a construction zone. That being said, it’s a smart move for restaurateur Will Guidara and chef Daniel Humm to begin making inroads out on the West Coast now.

The NoMad truck kicks off at Desert Trip from October 7 to 9, and again on October 14 to 16. Beginning October 20, they’ll be parked daily at The Line Hotel in Koreatown, with rotating service elsewhere in the city starting in December.

Chicken burger and fries

Fried fish sandwich

Wonho Frank Lee

Falafel pita

Wonho Frank Lee

The truck

Nomad Truck Opening Menu

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