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LA’s Famous Police Academy Coffee Shop Earns a Second Shot

Diner eggs with a side of justice

Outside the LA Police Revolver & Athletic Club Cafe

Did you ever have the chance to enjoy the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club Cafe? It’s a long name for a hidden gem, a walk-in diner on the grounds of the Los Angeles Police Academy that served breakfast for countless recruits — and, yes, locals — before shuttering in 2014. Now, according to KPCC, the AM legend could be back on track for a fall reopening.

If you’re unfamiliar with the coffee shop and its formica counters, swivel chairs, and heavy plates, start with this primer from KCET back in 2014. As you’ll notice, there have long been plans to ideally reopen the restaurant following an extensive bit of construction on the grounds of the academy, but until now nobody’s been saying one way or another if that would actually happen.

The new KPCC report says that officials within the Los Angeles Police Department are hopeful the coffee shop could return as soon as late October, though something happening by the end of the year is more realistic.

Expect a more modern coffee service counter up front where anyone can step in and grab a cup to go along with some pastries, with a lot of the old charm retained in the larger dining area beyond. Those details are what make the place, from hat clips on some of the seats to vintage photos and a retro vibe throughout.

If all goes well, guests will once again be able to belly up next to the boys in blue for a cup of strong coffee and some eggs by the end of the year. Until then, don’t go peeking around in the windows or trying the back door — this might be the most heavily-protected coffee shop in America.

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