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LA's Vital Korean Seafood Specialist Jun Won Is Back From the Dead

The important Koreatown star earns new life in a strip mall off Western

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Braised black cod from Jun Won, Koreatown
Braised black cod from Jun Won, Koreatown
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One of the city's most important Korean restaurants is on the rise again, with news that Jun Won is nearly finished with construction on a new space in Koreatown.

For those unfamiliar, Jun Won has in recent years been among the most heralded Korean restaurants anywhere in the city. Given the quality and density of Korean eateries in Los Angeles, that puts them on a short list for best Korean restaurants, frankly, anywhere in the world too.

Back in April it was announced that Jun Won had only a few short weeks to live at its address along 8th Street. The landlord had agreed to raze the building for a future project, forcing (at the time) owner Jung Ye Jun and her son Jeff to share space with a different concept elsewhere in town. That seems to have been no sort of permanent solution though, as now the below Instagram photo shows work well underway on a new location over on Western.

Jun Won Restaurant will be reopening soon! 414 S. Western Ave. Stay tuned! #Koreanfood #ktown

A photo posted by Yong Won Jun aka Jeff (@junwon_la) on

Sure enough, an ABC license confirms plans for the team to open up in the same strip mall that also holds the popular Feng Mao Lamb Kebab. The space formerly belonged to Redsoup, before that concept closed a while back, and is now being torn apart in an effort to get Jun Won off the ground again.

As of yesterday, the restaurant was still waiting for a final health permit and should be ready to open within a few weeks. Still, this is huge news for Koreatown at large, and anyone in the greater Los Angeles area still stinging from the loss of one of the city's most important Korean restaurants.

Jun Won
414 S. Western Ave., Ste B
Los Angeles, CA