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Hollywood's Happy Ending Flips to More Subdued Sycamore Tavern

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The place seems to be going in a different direction

exterior of Hollywood bar Sycamore Tavern
Sycamore Tavern, Hollywood
Farley Elliott

Looks like big changes for the popular Happy Ending Bar in Hollywood, which came online just a shade under a decade ago. According to a tipster, the place is set to become a new concept called Sycamore Tavern.

Sure enough, drive past today and you’ll see a very different bar for yourself. Gone are the yellow tinges and hanging football tenants denoting the spot’s NFL Sunday Ticket package. Instead, you’ll see a much more subdued spot that seems to be undergoing a touch of construction — along with a gleaming new paint job.

The sign out front has also been flipped to the new Sycamore Tavern name, with the long-running billboard behind it that promoted the bar also kaput. As for what the new look and feel will mean, that’s still up in the air. Just about the only online space dedicated to the new tavern is this Facebook landing page, though it’s still completely blank. Meanwhile, social media pages (and the website) for Happy Endings don’t appear to have been updated any time recently. What’s more, there’s been no ABC license activity at the address recently, which means it should be the same owners as Happy Endings behind the new move.

Calls and emails to the Happy Endings team have so far gone unreturned, but all you’ve got to do to discover the flip for yourself is drive past at the moment. As for whether or not folks will confuse the upcoming Sycamore Tavern with the popular Sycamore Kitchen, just down the way on La Brea, remains to be seen.

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