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Come Aboard The Melrose Station, A Swanky New Train Station Speakeasy

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Hidden away in the wilds of Melrose Avenue

Melrose Station
Melrose Station
Archillusion Design

Although Los Angeles has a variety of speakeasies, none are quite like Melrose Station, the cheeky newcomer that just landed just off the main drag. The place has been soft open for a little while now, but as with all things hidden it has still mostly been waiting to be discovered.

To gain access to the secret spot, first you've got to find Glass Hookah Lounge on Melrose. Ask the host there how to enter the station, and you'll be shown a secret entrance that leads to Melrose Station proper. Then once inside, you'll be able to experience a quaint interior reminiscent of a train station set in the Prohibition Era.

As for the beverage list, expect an assortment of craft cocktails and spirits, as well as a tapas-style menu including farmer's market crudité, charcuterie, sashimi, flatbreads, ceviche, and more. For dessert, enjoy white chocolate soufflé, green tea tiramisu, and a couple of cheesecakes for good measure.

Melrose Station opens at 7 p.m. every day and keeps a strictly-enforced dress code (so don't get turned away by wearing shorts, flip-flops, sweat pants or tank tops). The arrival adds to Los Angeles' enduring love of being in-the-know as well, and lands alongside other semi-hidden concepts like the upcoming Birds & Bees and the already immensely popular Break Room 86.

Melrose Station
7384 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90046

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